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viral video of husband hotter than his wife

i went viral for having a husband hotter than me

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i went viral for having a husband hotter than me

i went viral for having a husband hotter than me

It’s always the way, isn’t it? The videos you think the least about go the most viral. It should come as no surprise that the day I happened to film on a dog walk with unwashed hair, glasses on, and a bare face, is the video that gathered over 11 million views.

After hearing a funny trending sound – ‘when are we going to see insanely hot men with average looking women?’ – I turned to my husband and smirked. That audio certainly fit how we looked at that moment. My Dutch husband has an uncanny ability to roll out of bed looking like Superman, whereas I need a long shower, a deep conditioning treatment, and some mascara to catch up in the looks department.

We first met six years ago while I was working in Tenerife. He walked into the nightclub looking like a Greek God and I immediately knew I wanted his number. Cue a slightly awkward, multi-lingual conversation over the blaring sounds of bachata coming through tinny speakers, we finally realized that we both spoke English. I also realized that he was incredibly shy. With a face as gorgeous as his, I couldn’t believe it and instead began to think that he simply wasn’t into me. To test this theory, with courage born of an outgoing personality and four mojitos, I stretched up on my toes in my pinching three-inch heels and planted a kiss on his lips.

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