Unijos acting vice Chancellor and other security angencies pays visit to student hostel assuring them of safety - Smallnaija
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Unijos acting vice Chancellor and other security angencies pays visit to student hostel assuring them of safety

The university of Jos acting vice Chancellor professor Ejikeme and other security officials pays visit to the various students hostel, calming situation and ensuring students of full security of lives and properties at the hostel.

The acting vice Chancellor who came to address student, after receiving various calls concerning the safety of students, spoke on the ongoing issues in the city and how it affected some part of the school and ensure student that all will be fine in no time.


Accompanying him was police officer U.S Adamu who also was not happy with the situation at hand and also promise to deploy patrol officers around the hostel vicinity to ensure adequate safety for students.

Response from student was on the issue of lack of food as many of them complained of hunger, which is one of the major problem students are facing now at the hostel

The vice Chancellor also assured students that he will also be put into consideration and there will soon be way out soon.

Students were also warned on going out of school gate as the school will not be hold responsible for anything that might happen to anyone found outside.

Unijos student government were also commended by the acting vice Chancellor for there proactiveness

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