Delicious meal in Nigeria you won’t want to miss out when ever you are in a visit to Nigeria

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Nigeria as Known by the entire world to be the giant of Africa, it has different cultures and tradition, with different kind of people and way of life.

Talking on food, Nigeria has the list the most delicious and tasty meal in Africa. Records have shown how most tourist couldn’t resit the smell and beautiful looks of the Nigeria meals, as many have travel from different countries just to have a taste of these delicacies.

With the variety of people in Nigeria, so is the variety of foods we have  in Nigeria.

In our article today we will be listing some delicious Nigerian meals and how to prepare them.




The Nigeria jellof rice as known and pronounced by many people across the world, has given recognition to Nigeria in the aspect of foods.

Jellof rice is one of Nigeria most tasty and eyes catching meal you wouldn’t want to miss out whenever you find yourself in Nigeria. It is the most common food in the country.
This meal is found in every food restaurant in Nigeria, due to the massive love and consumption.

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Ingredients required for a tasty jellof rice

Get a well clean Rice, vegetable oil, Onion, pepper, curry, tomatoes, thyme and other spices, in other to get more great taste.



Pounded yam is one most valuable traditional food in Nigeria adopted by many people across the world. Pounded yam as the name sounds is one food you can’t stand to miss out whenever yourself in Nigeria. Pounded yam is one of the easiest food to prepare as it required just few steps.

Ingredients used in preparing pounded yam include: Yam, pot of water, and pounding instrument.
Pounded yam can be mix and eat with different kind of soups, but mostly is the egusi soup and others such as okro or bitter leaf soup.



Eba as it is popularly known and called in Nigeria, is one favorite meal for the Eastern people of Nigeria, and the whole country at Large. Eba as classified Among carbohydrates food, is in line with pounded yam, but with different method of preparing and ingredients, Eba is prepared using garri gotten from cassava.

In preparing eba all you need is to get garri available and pot of boil water, after boiling the water, pour garri into the boiling water and stir for some minutes till it get thick and ready for consumption.
Eba can also be mix with egusi soup for better consumption.



Tuwo shinkafa as translate in Hausa language means mashed Rice, it is mostly love and prepared by the people of the northern part of Nigeria. It is one of the most favorite food in Nigeria among many others.

Tuwo shinkafa has been one of leading food in the North as it is well prepared and serve with all kind of soups such as ‘miyan kuka’ one popular Soup in the North. With the much spread of tuwo shinkafa across the country many have decided to mix it with other delicious Soups such as vegetables soup, egusi, okro and Many more.

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Ingredients in preparing tuwo shinkafa in local Rice and other cooking equipment.

In preparing tuwo shinkafa all you need is a hot boiling water, pour Local rice inside the hot boiling water and wait for some minutes and then stir still it get thick and ready for consumption.



Moi moi as it is known by many is another Africa traditional food that has caught the attention of many tourist, this has been one leading food in Nigeria and love by many cause of it taste and sweet looks.

Moi moi goes a long way in preparing but is very easy and smooth without much stress, ingredients in preparing moi moi include: Beans, oil, seasons, crayfish, egg, salt, Lyon or empty tin. Moi moi can be paired with pap for better consumption.


When you’re looking for best food and want to discover latest and other delicious food, try and make it to Nigeria to see the delicious and sweet food they have.

Other delicious meals you can also find in Nigeria  includes: Spaghetti, akara, Soups such as egusi, eforiro, okro, oha soup and many others.

Take a trip to Nigeria and discover amazing and lovely dishes you will never forget.



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