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Things to know about Casami online market store

Things to know about Casami online market store


1. Cassami is an Online Store.

2. Cassami is your new plug for fresh farm foods, exotic electronics, office & home appliances, furniture, fashion, kids things, animals, etc.

3. Affordability is a core vision of Cassami, hence goods are relatively cheap.

4. No matter your budget, you can always afford something on Cassami.Com

5. Cassami is one among a very few Online Stores that offers you the opportunity to buy and also sell at the same time.

6. Cassami deals on all sorts of goods & services.

7. The core value of Cassami.Com are providing the highest quality at relatively affordable prices in an excellent manner of service delivery.

8. Cassami is safe from online shopping scam. You are safe online while shopping and what you see is what you get.

9. Cassami runs a 24/7 customer service.

10. Sellers on Cassami have access to millions of buyers, while buyers have access to hundreds of sellers.


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Tiktok and other big technology coalition to fight online child abuse



Chinese popular and online video and sharing app Tiktok have announced it joining hands with technology coalition in fighting against online child abuse.

Tiktok is an online video-sharing app own by the Chinese to enable users and individual access a platform for sharing ideas and been creativity online.

Following there users policy which the company is working to allows users of between the age of 13-15 to have a access to the app, while there creative community still includes teens and grandparents.

Among all Tiktok joining other top big technology company in fight the online child abuse include Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook and many more who have promise and ready to fight against child abuse.

According to Tiktok we are dedicated and committed to safeguard our community as it is our top priority, at utmost protecting our users such as the teen in particular.

There will be no finish line in ensuring and protecting our online community service at Tiktok, we will be adapting to new policy which will enable a smooth running and online services among users.

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WhatsApp banned Facebook from processing personal data of users by German regulators



German regulators  is banning Facebook from processing it personal data from WhatsApp saying it terms and reviews are illegal.

The pronouncement and decision follow an emergency proceedings opened by the regulator in the city-state of Hamburg last month as WhatsApp required users to make use of the new terms of stop the use of the service.

This step is to protect millions of users who are committed and consistent in applying the terms impose in Germany as said by Johannes Caspar.

The objectives of this ban is to prevent disadvantages and damages associated with such a black-box procedure for users.

WhatsApp as it is owned by Facebook deliberated on this improvement and action said the action by the Hamburg data protection authority is based on misunderstanding purpose and the effect of the update so it not on a legitimate basis.

After wards WhatsApp spokesman have ensure a secure and private delivery of communication platform for everyone and it users.


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$45 million awarded to Corning by Apple for Advanced manufacturing fund



Recently Apple just awarded Corning corporation a sum of $45 million for consistent supplies of ceramic and glass for iPhones, iPad and Apple watch.

Accordng to Apple the funding will expand Corning’s manufacturing capacity in the US and drive research and development into innovative of new technologies that will support durability and long-lasting product life, building on both Apple and Corning’s deep commitment to protecting the environment.

In recent times Apple have given $45 million to Corning over the 5 billion advanced manufacturing fund in the past four years, and this has made a lot of improvement and development creating over 1,000 jobs across Corning US operation in Kentucky.

According to  Jeff Williams Apple and Corning have long been working together and this made it possible to accomplish this tasks.

Apple also praise Corning for making the iPhone glass and iPhone 12  best in  landscape of smartphone cover design and durability, stating that this has been the best part of there collaborations.

With this advanced manufacturing fund Corning corporation have been able to create a well-established training and education programs to employees, fostering the kind of specialized workforce that can deliver innovations like Ceramic Shield.

This is indeed a great one for Corning and Apple.


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