Simple ways in satisfying customers need in business and retaining them

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Satisfying customers need is one of the major aims of establishing any business enterprise, as there need comes first before the suppliers need.

Any business build without customers relationship and not considering it as number one factor for business growth will succeed.

In other to succeed in your business as a business entrepreneur, all you need is to get all customers attention and build up a strong relationship between you and your customers, in other to keep your business succeeding.

Many businesses today have failed due to lack of relationship between customer and supplier or business owners. And this is one major factor business owners need to consider before starting any business, how to maintain a good relationship with customers, how to satisfy the customer need and many more.

Here are some simple tips on how to satisfy and maintain your customers need

1. Provide them with quality product or services


In other to keep your customer satisfied at all time, you need to make available good and quality products or services available to them for consumption.

Quality products or services is what drives customers to you always. Whenever a customer purchased or get a quality service render from you, he has no option than to return to you whenever he need another product or service.

2. Obey the principle of business which say “customer are always right”

The simple business principle that says customer are always right  must be obeyed by all business owners. If you want to make a successful business and maintain good relationship with customers you need to adhere to this simple rule.

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3. Be friendly and polite in the manner of approach with customers

Being friendly and polite to customers  is one major factor for creating a long lasting relationships between the supplier and consumer.

Most people failed to understand that customers always return to a shop owner who is friendly and polite in his manner of approach.

Many business owners tend to keep frowning faces with there customers, not knowing this will destroy any relationship they are trying to build with the customer, and this is very bad for the business.

4. Spy on your competitors to know how they behave with there customers


Spying on your competitors is one method most business entrepreneur uses to build up there businesses. As in the world of business there are many competitors, and to be able to stand out you need to spy on them and know how they work or operate ahead of you.

In the case of customer relationship, spying on your competitors to know how they react or behave with customers is one important fact you shouldn’t miss out, trying to know why there customer always comes back to get another product from them.

And after your spy and findings try to implement it on your business life to see if it will  work out for you.

5.create a good communicating system with customers


In relationship building, communication is one of the major factor to be considered. Also in building a good relationship with customers you need to have a good communicating signals with each of them.

Like most banks and others organization do, checking up on there customer through messages and other social media platform. This is another great way to keep your customer away from your competitors.

6. Create room for feedbacks and complaint


Allow your customer reach out to you for products or services complains or feedback. In most cases customers are not satisfy with your product or services, and will want to lay a complain about there experiences, this will be a great opportunity to hear from them and make immediately corrections.

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7. Learn from mistake and make corrections

Lastly if you want to sustain a good relationship with your customers, all you need to do is learn from your mistake and take correction and suggestion from customer complaints in other to help you boost and maintain a good relationship with your customers.

No one is above mistake so don’t kill yourself over a small mistake, all you need is to take correction and implement it.


Growing a big business involved creating a existing relationship with your customers as a business entrepreneur.

Most businesses have failed due to the the lack of customer and supplier relationship, always  listen to your customers and deliver them with good and quality product as we have discussed above.

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