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Selina tested episode 15 (download MP4)



Selina tested episode 15

Lightweight entertainment present the long awaited movie series Selina tested episode 15 after bringing the thriller days ago.

Selina tested episode 15 comes with amazing epic as this episode gives good joy and insight to fans and Followers.

Download selina tested episode 15 and enjoy

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Tell us what you feel about the movie.


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  1. Peter Bernard

    July 28, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    It’s my life style

  2. Ihyaghchia Isaac

    July 28, 2021 at 11:28 am

    Kaiii the movie the give me joy and the whole of gboko town in benue State is only talking about the sweetness of the movie
    Never hesitate bring out cassette


    July 27, 2021 at 11:02 pm


  4. Pius Justine

    July 26, 2021 at 11:34 pm

    Very interesting

  5. Mercy

    July 26, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    Love it

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Selina Tested Episode 22 Download MP3



Selina Tested episode 22 download mp4

Download selina tested episode 22

After having a good  time enjoying the previous episode 21 of the Selina Tested, light weight entertainment present another interesting epic Selina Tested episode 22.

The movie Selina Tested episode 22 brings alot of amazing content to get fans and lovers of the movie entertain, many have been anticipating and here it is.

download Selina Tested episode 22 and get the latest update from light weight entertainment as they brings up this new episode to ensure that the satisfaction of fans are at the brim.

In this current episode, Selina Tested keeps getting tougher and more interesting as the casts keeps giving fans the vibes they need, more actions from this amazing actors.

This movie is a watch and you can download the MP4 of Selina Tested episode 22 here without much stress from Smallnaijablog.


Watch and download previous episode 21




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Selina tested episode 21 (Download MP4)



Selina tested episode 21 DownloadLight weight entertainment after much break from them decide to bless fans with the viral and trending movie Selina tested episode 21 shortly after release the recent episode 20.

Selina tested movie have been one of most anticipated movie of the year in Nigeria as alot of me get engrossed and love the movie so much bring it series from episode 1 to episode 21.

The movie talks about a localty with different kind of lifestyle from the usual but Nigeria lifestyle most people know, Selina tested emphasis on the deep part of Nigeria youth who are bent on making life not easy for themselves.

Most people are leaving in community that are faced with youths who almost everyday fight and engaged in gun battles among themselves all because of some selfish reasons, but Selina tested tries to make things right in there trending series bringing the happening things to people’s screen.

The movie is all about a young man whoes parents were killed by there family friend over some land issue and get in way with other story lines as the movie goes on, Selina tested simply means “Unpenetrated”

Selina tested episode 21 Download MP4

So far the movie have move alot of fans to keep watching and millions of people out there are already becoming fan of Selina tested episode 21 movie download.

Watch out for the next episode of the Selina tested episode 21 Download as it will be out soon

Before then you can always come back here to check and see if the next episode is out for download as smallnaija blog will update you all on the next episode 21 as soon as is out!!!


Selina tested episode 21 COMING OUT SOON!!!!


previous episode 20

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Selina tested episode 20 Return of Sibi (Downlaod MP4)



Selina tested episode 20 Return of SibiLight weight entertainment decided to bless fans with there long anticipated movie series as the selina tested episode 20 has been long anticipated by fans and here it finally out with new title “Return of Sibi“.

The Return of Sibi as tagged by light weight entertainment bringing selina tested episode 20 gives fans more joy in want to watch the movie as the video seem very different from previous ones.

Downlaod and enjoy selina tested episode 20 Return of sibi.




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Downlaod selina tested episode 20 MP4 the Return of Sibi



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