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Popular Nigeria celebrity actress and comedian Bovi and Nancy isime to host Headies award 2020



Popular Nigeria celebrity actress and comedian Bovi and Nancy isime to host Headies award 2020 14th edition and to commence any moment from now.

With great pleasure and joy the officials of the Headies award and the 14th edition announced the host for this great event, and it to be hosted by no other than Nigerian popular celebrity actress and comedian, Bovi and Nancy.

The announcement didn’t came as a surprise or shock to many, since Nigerians have already build confidence in those two as they deliver great and excellent performance in there respective field.

[irp posts=”2527″ name=”Headies calls for artists nomination for the 14th edition Award 2020″]

The Headies award which is to occur any moment from now has officially released the nominees for each categories and it came out to be great and competitive, as young and talented artiste who have work hard are faced with this challenge of who to be the best and emerge winner.

Previous years the Headies award has bring more sense of encouragement and hard work among many artiste, who are putting more effort to see that deliver there best and get a chance to win in any of the categories.

2019 was a great experience and was hosted by Nigerian star and Yoruba singer Reminisce and along side Nancy Isime who is so lucky to be hosting the current and 14th edition award of the 2020.

No doubt Headies award has been one of the biggest music award in Nigeria and has build a name for most entertainers in the entertainment industry.

Watch out for the 14th edition of the Headies award 2020 to be hosted by Bovi and Nancy isime.

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JUST IN: Jos based Content creator Toper Tee Emerged among Top 10 Donjazzy YouTube shorts challenge winners



Toper Tee wins Donjazzy challenge Congratulations to Jos based content creator and comedian Toper Tee Oriola for emerging Donjazzy Top 10 YouTube shorts winner

The 10 winners will be given 1 million naira each to help them build there career or talent as described based on the challenge or task given to them

Toper tee was among top 30 that were recently shortlisted among many others for the first round and luckily he got to be part of the 10 final winner

Toper Tee Oriola as his fans called him is a talent content creator and rapper, the talented soul uses his big head to ensure his fans get the best of entertainment as no doubt he does it well

Big congrats to him , More grace to him

This new year has just started with blessings and goodnews
Big ups

From our media house SMALLNAIJA BLOG

we celebrate with you at Toper Tee and wish you the best of life


follow Toper on all social media platforms


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Who is the Zazoo zeh crooner, portable here is what you need to know about him



Zazoo zeh crooner is portable Omololami popularly known as portable is a recent trending as fast rising Nigeria street artist raised from the street of lagos after his song which he featured Olamide and poco lee went viral “zazoo zehwho is Zazoo zeh crooner?? Alot of people ask

well it no doubt that the Zazoo zeh crooner is portable after he went on social media to claim the song which he accused poco lee of stealing the song from him after a lot of people keep asking and wondering who is the Zazoo zeh crooner.

portable felt like his song was been taken from him after he had alot of people given credit to poco lee as many claims the Zazoo zeh crooner is poco and Olamide, at this moment portable felt bad as he step up the game to claim his song.

so the real owner and the Zazoo zeh crooner is portable as he is rightfully the owner of the song zazu zeh and not poco lee

Poco lee only used his platform to promote the song for the upcoming artist and which they did well on the track

so the Zazoo zeh crooner is portable omololami following poco and Olamide.

so drop your opinion at the comment below let me here from you all



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Poco lee sent Portable Zazoo zeh crooner back to the village after he called out the dancer for theft



Poco lee sent portable back to the village Poco lee sent fast rising artist and Zazoo zeh crooner mr portable back to the village after he went online to called out those who help him, accusing them of stealing his money and song “Zazu zeh”

recently in a viral video is mr portable who was accusing poco lee of stealing his song and 3,000 US dollars that was sprayed on him while he performed at wizkid concert.

the singer was very bitter and threaten poco lee with some hash words which made him kicked him off the apartment they acquired for him

this is indeed a sad and sign of ungrateful heart from Portable

is this the end for Portable????

what do you think about this let us know at the comment box

below is the reason why poco lee sent portable back to the village

Pls click and subcribe to our channel and win our giveaways Good luck!!!
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