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Plateau state commissioner for youth and sport Hon. Lapang endorsed Mr and miss unity 2021

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Hon. Lapang endorse Mr and miss unity

The Plateau State Commissioner for Youth and Sport, Hon Victor Lapang Commend Finine Global Concept for bringing up such a tremendous and unique pageantry on the Plateau

Hon Victor Lapang thank the organization very much for coming, he started by apologizing for coming late due to a courtesy call at the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

“Once again Finine Global Concepts you are welcome to the Ministry of Youth and Sport, youth development.
With your presentation it’s stated very clear that you guys are not run off the mail pageantry, flashing back to an importance point you made earlier in which I felt is most definitely important too is that the winner will be the winner, I have never been involved in any pageantry but the story that fly’s around is really unpalatable.

First what I will beg of you is to stand by your word and do the needful basically from the personal’s I see before me are personal’s with superb credibility, the government need’s companies like “Finine Global Concept’s” companies that have co-operate social responsibilities, that will help the government getting the youths of the street and indulging into social vice’s going on in the society.
Not only by wining prizes also by using their new fond celebrity in other to be role models to the other youths in the society, it could be a mentorship program.

Most definitely you have our endorsement, we would support you in all ways we can and stand firm with you in all forms also amidst any entanglements you can call on us and rest assured that the ‘Commissioner Of Youth And Sport’ will be here for you and do the needful.

In terms of sport we always merge with people like NASCO, and now teaming up with the banks to join forces with the government and I believe this will take out youths from the streets.
Thank you very much CEO FININE GLOBAL CONCEPTS I hope the sky will be your limits and our limit’s”.

Plateau state government endorse Mr and miss unity

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