Some important jobs in the Nigeria entertainment industry with good and better income

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Entertainment is defined as an activity that deliver pleasure to people in different and many aspects. This pleasure passes on to people are initiated by others, who have taken it upon themselves to see that other people are happy and pleased through entertainment.

Entertainment world is one of the avenue for Great talent transformation and showcasing ideas into plays or performances.

The entertainment is classified in different catergories, as each has it own industry and how they run the affairs of the industry.

Getting an entertainment job today in nigeria is very easy and simple, all you need to do is identify your best area of specialization in the entertainment industry.

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We will be discussing the various types of entertainment jobs in nigeria.

1. Media
2. Acting/film
3. Music
4. Comedy
5. Blogging
6. Disc jockey (DJ)
7. Producer
8. Dancing

The above listed are some basic profession you can get in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, the entertainment industry is very wide and broad, so we will be only considering this few and how to get it.


Entertainment jobs media

The media industry is one of the largest industry in Nigeria, Covering a very wide range of the industry, due to the numerous catergories found under the Media. Under the media catergories the jobs listed are: Radio presenter, TV reporter, OAP, cameramen, news caster, social media influencer, and many more.

These  are some available jobs you can actually get in the Media industry, in acquiring this job you need some basic knowledge in the Media aspect and once you have those knowledge you are good to go.


Entertainment jobs

Acting is another interesting profession found in the entertainment industry, and this fall under the category of the movie industry. The Nigeria  movie industry is very wide as it can content millions of people. On daily basis people picking up interest in the industry and getting jobs for themselves.

Acting  is one profession that leads the movie/film industry in Nigeria and thus many want to fall on this category, the movie industry provide some quality and interesting jobs such as directing, cameramen, mark-up Artist, photographer, location manager, costume  manager and many more.


Entertainment jobs music

Musician are one of the richest and famous people in the entertainment industry. As there industry tend to pay them well with the great talent they display, the Nigeria music industry is another sole pillar of the entertainment industry, and thus giving recognition to the entertainment industry abroad.

The industry is so full with Young talent coming up everyday, while some picking interest because of the good and materials things it provide. Getting a musical job in the industry requires great skills, abilities and talent.


Entertainment jobs comedy

Talking of my favorite industry the comedy Industry, this industry has provided jobs for many people and other entertainer. organizing a simple comedy show in nigeria provide jobs for over 50 people, the comedy Industry is one place you should consider getting a job for your self if you are talented and can make your audience feel relaxed and happy.


Blogging as entertainment jobs

The blogging profession is another sources of income many people found out, and are making good money with it, the Industry in Nigeria is a very competitive one as new blogs Come out everyday,  and the number of blogs keep increasing.

Getting a blogging job for yourself requires t you having good skills in blogging and and be ready to deliver Good and Quality content to your viewers, as that is the only way you can make good income from your blog.


DJ entertainment jobs

the disc jockey popularly known as the DJ has created alot of jobs for many in the entertainment industry, especially  to those who know how to make use of the sound equipment. Making a living as a DJ is very simple and no much stress, the entertainment industry has recognized  the DJ’s as one of the main pillars of the industry.
Possible ways of making good income as a DJ is through delivery of good music at events, mixtape, and featuring of artist in a track.



The producers are also the main aim and success of any good and Quality Music. Using of instrument and ideas by this set of people to produce Good music, is one very important aspect in the music industry and thus the producer are well recognize and celebrated.

Having a job as a producer requires a lot of instrumental study, to enable you give out the best out of the best.


Dancing as entertainment jobs

Dancing is one and not certain the list of job you can get in the entertainment industry, the dancing profession is very important in many aspects of entertainment as this enable dancers to earn a living, with the great skill and talent in dancing you can acquire a sweet and interesting profession in the industry.

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Dancers are  called to perform in one event or the other, dancing in a music video and releasing dance video for the audience to enjoy and in return get paid for the services.

If you are talented in dancing and considering which job should you go for in the entertainment industry, go straight and pick up the ticket for dancing and make good and enough income for yourself.


The entertainment industry has created a lot of jobs for many young talented individual, who have talent in one aspect of the entertainment.

In other for you to get a job in one of the above listed entertainment jobs category, all you need is to identify your talent and what you can offer to the industry, and after that you pursue it with faith and hard work.


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