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Lets talk: why do you think the rate of traffic jam in Nigeria keeps going up.

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why do you think the rate of traffic jam in Nigeria keeps going up.

Traffic jam in Nigeria has been one of the funding issue most people can’t stop but to accept among them and live with it, in some popular and big city like lagos and other big places and state in Nigeria.

Traffic is mostly caused by over movement of cars and others road moving machines. The incept of traffic has been in ocurrance ever since the invent of moving machines such as cars, bike etc.

With the type of traffic in Nigeria, it has caused so many unwanted event such as car crash with has result to so many loss of life and also damage of roads and many others.

Some of the major causes of road traffic in Nigeria include the various following

1. Bad road

Bad roads is one the major reason there is much traffic in Nigeria, cars are force to move slowing due to the kind of roads in other to maintain there car.

Most road are too bad to the extend cars get stuck and this will cause a huge go slow for cars and will cause hold up of cars in a particular place.

2. Too much of cars

Importation of cars are not regulated in a country like Nigeria, and with this all kinds of cars are imported and this will caused too much of unwanted cars in the country but the bad or good ones.

When bad cars are imported they broke down on road and cause road blockage for other cars and this will cause a huge traffic.

3. Road accidents

Accident are one of the major causes of road traffic, when cars are crash on roads it get stuck and hold others others to move slowing and thus create a huge traffic jam.
This has been the case in some part of this country.

How to escape traffic jam in Nigeria

1. If you going to work and you want to escape the traffic jam in Nigeria the best solution is to be awake on time.
2. Obey the simple rules set by the traffic warders.
3. Understand the traffic concept in Nigeria
4. Drive simple and not with speed to prevent accident


Traffic in Nigeria is one of the big issue most people living in big cities in Nigeria are more concern about and worried.
This has caused most people alot of losses, it expected that you all follow the simple guideline  set by the Nigerian traffic warders to enable you scale through.

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