JAMB: NIMC and network operators blamed for resgistration issues

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The national identification and management commission (NIMC) and the Nigeria telecom in charge of jamb registration process have been blamed for the Inability of some  studentsa and candidate to register for the exams.

The NIMC and the telecom Opertors which are in charge of this basic operation and task claims it has been not been easy for the system as there are some malfunction from some part of the system.

The both parties are expected to generate a profile code for candidate who want to register for jamb but this process has been slow down due to network and system failure.

The network operators claims the Issues are coming from the NIMC as they are only Transporter of the code to the student or candidate who request for it.

Candidate have showned disappoinment in the official as they lack to provide neccesary server to make work easier and smoothly for them.

Officials in charge of this process have come out to apologise for this and promise to ensure smooth and easy way of registration for it candidate.


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