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Check out these Interesting facts you probably don’t know about Lagos city

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Lagos which is the most populous and most populated city in Nigeria and Africa at large. With an estimate of over 20million people living there from different state and countries.

Lagos as the slogan goes “centre of excellent” is the capital city for businesses and arena for which young entrepreneur seek to explore. This city covers a wide range of different people from all part of the world, coming together on a daily basis to transact one businesses or the other.

With this lagos trend, it has been rated one of the best and biggest city in the world, and has been placed on a high rank in Africa. Lagos state is one place were everybody in Africa and part of the world will love to visit.

Here are some facts you probably know or are yet to discover about Lagos city.

  • Lagos is the large city in Africa with the population of over 20million people including people from different countries living in it. This population is according to the previous  census carried out in 2006 and it is estimated to have increased by 5% or so.
  • Lagos is a no man land as many Nigeria will call it. Due to different people from all over the world which the state has accommodated, the state is therefore recognizes  as a “No man land” a land with different people from different ethnic group meet together. Lagos state is open to accommodate anyone from any part of the country.
  • Lagos city is the home for entertainment industry. Based on the population and different activities been carried out there, all entertainment industry are build and raised in lagos. Many artists, actors, movie director, song producers, comedian and many more have found a dwelling place in lagos, as they tend to build a better entertainment career in lagos than any other place in Nigeria.
  • The lagos third mainland bridge  in lagos is recorded to be the longest bridge  in Africa, with a long kilometers distance of about 11.8km. The bridge  which is the major link between the Lagos mainland and the island was build in 1996 by the Julius construction company.


  • Lagos state seaport is rank among top ten in Africa, as it handles over 70% of Nigeria import goods from different countries. The seaport is located in Nigeria at the southwest beach line in lagos.


  • Lagos state also has the record number of high internet fraudster as it is popularly called “yahoo yahoo” in Nigeria. The rate of this crime is on a high increase in the city of Lagos as many individuals are intimidated by the good things and other fansy things display by the wealthy  people of state.
  • Another interesting but funny fact about Lagos state is that, it is one of the most smallest state in Nigeria, but has the highest population in the country. This has been one of the major problem of Lagos, land spacing.  Because of it popularity and economic development most people want to live in the state and thus making it filled with people.
  • Lagos state has the highest number of millionaire in the country. As earlier said it is an economical state with different kind of businesses across the state. Thus enriching plenty people with there businesses and creating jobs for many. Even with the of millionaire, it also have poor people living there.
  • Lagos state also known for high record of traffic jam In the country. One major issue and discouraging fact about Lagos is the traffic which occurs everyday and up till now no possible solution. If you plan on living in lagos or planning a vsit to lagos,  you have to put this into consideration. People living in Lagos are finding it a normal way of life as they experience it everyday.



Lagos is one of the beautiful place to visit in Nigeria. With the good number of people there and blessed land, be rest assure to get a well hospitalize by the good people. Take a visit to Lagos Nigeria and have great memories.
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