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Check out these Interesting facts you probably don’t know about Lagos city



Lagos which is the most populous and most populated city in Nigeria and Africa at large. With an estimate of over 20million people living there from different state and countries.

Lagos as the slogan goes “centre of excellent” is the capital city for businesses and arena for which young entrepreneur seek to explore. This city covers a wide range of different people from all part of the world, coming together on a daily basis to transact one businesses or the other.

With this lagos trend, it has been rated one of the best and biggest city in the world, and has been placed on a high rank in Africa. Lagos state is one place were everybody in Africa and part of the world will love to visit.

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Here are some facts you probably know or are yet to discover about Lagos city.

  • Lagos is the large city in Africa with the population of over 20million people including people from different countries living in it. This population is according to the previous  census carried out in 2006 and it is estimated to have increased by 5% or so.
  • Lagos is a no man land as many Nigeria will call it. Due to different people from all over the world which the state has accommodated, the state is therefore recognizes  as a “No man land” a land with different people from different ethnic group meet together. Lagos state is open to accommodate anyone from any part of the country.
  • Lagos city is the home for entertainment industry. Based on the population and different activities been carried out there, all entertainment industry are build and raised in lagos. Many artists, actors, movie director, song producers, comedian and many more have found a dwelling place in lagos, as they tend to build a better entertainment career in lagos than any other place in Nigeria.
  • The lagos third mainland bridge  in lagos is recorded to be the longest bridge  in Africa, with a long kilometers distance of about 11.8km. The bridge  which is the major link between the Lagos mainland and the island was build in 1996 by the Julius construction company.


  • Lagos state seaport is rank among top ten in Africa, as it handles over 70% of Nigeria import goods from different countries. The seaport is located in Nigeria at the southwest beach line in lagos.


  • Lagos state also has the record number of high internet fraudster as it is popularly called “yahoo yahoo” in Nigeria. The rate of this crime is on a high increase in the city of Lagos as many individuals are intimidated by the good things and other fansy things display by the wealthy  people of state.

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  • Another interesting but funny fact about Lagos state is that, it is one of the most smallest state in Nigeria, but has the highest population in the country. This has been one of the major problem of Lagos, land spacing.  Because of it popularity and economic development most people want to live in the state and thus making it filled with people.
  • Lagos state has the highest number of millionaire in the country. As earlier said it is an economical state with different kind of businesses across the state. Thus enriching plenty people with there businesses and creating jobs for many. Even with the of millionaire, it also have poor people living there.
  • Lagos state also known for high record of traffic jam In the country. One major issue and discouraging fact about Lagos is the traffic which occurs everyday and up till now no possible solution. If you plan on living in lagos or planning a vsit to lagos,  you have to put this into consideration. People living in Lagos are finding it a normal way of life as they experience it everyday.



Lagos is one of the beautiful place to visit in Nigeria. With the good number of people there and blessed land, be rest assure to get a well hospitalize by the good people. Take a visit to Lagos Nigeria and have great memories.

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Next rated Nigerian Artists 2022



The Nigerian music industry comes with a lot of suprises and competition from different and various angles, so therefore bringing in or producing different talent to take part in this competition.

Alot of fast rising Artist evolved everyday in the Nigerian music but only few get to see the light out of which those are the next rated artists which will in turn make things right.

The year 2021 was a rap with full of plenty music suprises from artist and part will become next rated Nigerian Artists in 2022 following there amazing performance and investment in the music industry.

Below are the list and records from report gathering the Next rated Nigerian Artists 2022 which you should watch out for, and possibly get nominated for various awards in Nigeria music industry.


Here are the Top five



Next rated Nigerian Artists 2022 jaywillzChinonso Emmanuel ome popularly known as jaywillz is a Nigerian and fast rising Artist held from the southern part of the country and which later move to Lagos where all talent are being discovered.

Jaywillz started music in 2010 following his tender age, but. Still had passion for what he does and grace many will say have found him.

His fame blew up when he released his Recent and top chart trending song Medicine which has taken over tiktok, he is currently signed to a music label called Chaado music worldwide.



Next rated Artists 2022 bujuDaniel Benson popularly known as Buju or Buju to your ears as he normally called himself is a Nigerian fine and big body singer held from ogun state, Nigeria.

Buju is one name Nigerian youth and music lovers now can’t get out there mouth as he always brings in amazing music sound with bless voice to his fans out there.

The interest in Buju went wide when he featured singer Zlatan on one of his track spiritual in 2019 after a viral request of him asking zlatan to jump off his track.

Ever since then Buju have been on constant music hit releasing amazing songs which made him met Burnaboy and was later signed to Spaceship record label.

Watch out for buju next rated Nigerian Artists 2022.



Next rated Nigerian Artists 2022 blaqbonesAkamefula Chukwuemeka but Known professionally as Blaqbonez is a Nigerian singer and rapper held from the Lagos Nigeria.

He started music at the age of 13th now he is fully and affected by music as he claims to be the music star of his generation, his music style is one you could not afford to miss or not listen to.

Blaqbones is currently signed to chocolate city label where he delivers amazing sounds to fans all over the world.

The young singer have done well for himself and he has made it to the top and next rated Artist in 2022.



Next rated Nigerian Artists 2022 rugerMichael Adeboye better known as Ruger is one of Nigerian most fast rising Artist over the year, judging from the fact that his music style have capture the heart of many youth people and so Making him more qualify for Nigeria next rated artist 2022.

Ruger was held from Lagos State and revealed that he started music at a very tender age following his church choir was a means of exploring him the more.

Ruger recent song Bounce has been on top chart and making alot of wave for the singer, he is currently signed to Marvins records.



Next rated Nigerian Artists 2022Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe , known professionally as Ayra Starr, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and model. Ayra Starr began a fashion career at the age of 16 with Quove Model Management before deciding to pursue music.

The young female singer who is 19th of age has done so well in the Nigerian music industry and has made it to the one of Nigerian most talk  about female Artist.

Ayra Starr keeps on the fire Burning with her amazing music skills and voice and this had made her more big than ever, she’s currently signed to Nigerian biggest music label Mavins records.


So guys this are the next rated Nigerian Artists for the year 2022, what do you think about this and include anyone you feel was not mentioned above and let check them out for later review.



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ARTICLE: What is next for us in Bauchi road? Jos crisis – Troy Longmum Dakon (A must Read)



The events of the last few days will not be forgotten soon. Every life is important and there are perhaps, many causes worth dying for, but to me none is worth killing for.

While our country experiences widespread violence and rife today, Jossites face theirs too and as usual, we pay the ultimate prices of these unfortunate events. As students, we are the most vulnerable group whenever reprisals or attacks as these happen all over Nigeria because we suffer casualties and everybody knows this.

We have lost our friends, we have lost good and ample time to finish up with our examinations and not sure if we will make it back to school before ASUU gets to strike for the goal line again.

It’s quite unfortunate and heart wrenching what has happened within this short period; students’ homes were burgled into and their properties stolen. This is still ongoing unchecked especially to students who stay off the campus areas and a lot of students will return back to nothing.

These are realities we face schooling here but what will be next when we return back to where we are not protected. Nobody is sure if things will be normal again. Will we keep moving in threes and twos to board keke to school?

What about students that stay in those most vulnerable and targeted areas, will they be asked to vacate those areas? Schooling in Bauchi road is very risky, as the same people we patronize and relate with daily do not give second thoughts to victimizing us in conflicts that do not concern us.

Since 2001, the University community has been a victim of repeated acts of violence, always resulting in deaths and losses of students properties. In 2018 or so, Government made efforts to mount a Sector 2 Command office and checkpoint inside the College of Forestry just directly opposite the Pharmacy Main Campus gate.

Overtime however, this Command became less functional and depleted in personnel size and thus increasing our vulnerability. As students, we deserve more from government. I don’t think we can afford to keep sending Surveillance Helicopters and Security Helux Security Cars to pick up students everytime there are attacks.

What happens to other students whose parents can’t afford to do this for their wards? It is utterly wrong that government always keeps shying away from drafting and implementing permanent measures that can protect and ensure our safety at Bauchi road or perhaps, does government benefit from these happenings? It’s now more than ever, imperative that we return that Sector Command to how it used to be, ensure more personnel are deployed and placed at strategic locations around the campuses and students areas and possibly, see that there’s also another Police Command at BAUCHI road.

Beyond these attacks, students have continuously suffered from silent and side attacks on boarded tricycles. Implementing these measures will definitely have a positive effect in reducing these various acts of Crime and identify, arrest and bring to book, the perpetrators of the dastardly acts.

In this same vein, another checkpoint be mounted at the Permanent site.
Going forward, the Tricycle Association and other Road officers should ensure Licensed taxis and keke be provided specifically for students’ transportation within the university community and up to popular students areas like Farin Gada and Bauchi Ring Road. These licensed vehicles will reduce the rate at which students enter unidentified vehicles which could turn out fatal.

Lastly, Government should compensate students that were affected by the recent attacks. Students whose homes were burgled into and their properties stolen be compensated as well while ensuring this does not happen again.

All these precautionary steps may not amount to anything if justice is not provided for our slain comrades as a deterrent to other killers out there. We can keep trying to protect ourselves but as we evolve new ways of cautiousness and defense, the enemy also evolves to find new ways of causing trouble. As such, justice must be provided for Shedrach Kums, for Doris Bitrus and all those whose lives were lost and in like manner also to all who were injured like Kingsley and so many others.

These attackers must be apprehended and brought to book. This will send a strong message to other attackers that their activities are not overlooked and have severe consequences. We have quite had enough.

Thank you for reading.



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