Importance of education and why you should not joke with it (A must read)

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Education has a variety of words classifying and explaining it. In more understanding and simple terms, Education can simply be define as an act of impacting or acquiring knowledge through a process called learning.

Education is one of the most important aspect of every individuals life. With the incept of education, the world has change and become a better place using those educational knowledge which was acquired.

To every great successful individual, has the full backing of education as it is said that education is the key to every success.

Education has build and rebrand many individual and this process still continues.

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Education has been in existence way back before you and I were born. The invent of education came in those days when people gather to make simple calculation, share ideas, meeting with friends, families and other process that involved sharing knowledge.

And ever since then education has been very important in all aspect of lifes, andĀ  need to be taken serious.


Most African countries have been so unserious with education in there various country. This has been another contributing factor to poor developing country, and has increase the rate of poverty and crimes in such countries.

In our article we will discuss some importance and benefits of education in ones life and it impacts in his/her country.

The important benefits of education

Education helps in securing a better and good career


Securing of a good career in life this days comes with good educational qualifications. Most people who are in high positions in big company or organization went through the educational process and they make sure they attain good certificate which gave them the ticket to good careers in life.

Its create experience in learning aspect

Education is a process that need to be pass through in other to acquire one certain knowledge. This create room for someone to get some experience during the process of learning. Most of the experience are the process in where you meet many people from different places coming for same purpose, which is learning and thus gain experience from all the the activities.

Education reduces crime rate


One of the most importance, of education in every community is the reduction in crime rate. Criminal activities are one of the factor affecting and destroying communities.

With the incept of education it help reduce the rate at which this crimes occurs. People get educate and understand the difference between right and wrong.

Education help reduce the rate of poverty


With the increase of poverty in most of African countries, education can step in and make things right if proper measures are taken.

When people are educated it give them hope for job opportunities and Confidence in finding or creating there own jobs and this will reduce the number of poor people in a country.

Education discourage gender violenceĀ 


Education has created peace in the heart of many individual, women to be precise. Women have been look down on, as there say or place in the society are not well considered.

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In most African countries women are regard with little or no respect and so treated with no care. Many have suffer from rape cases, house violences and even young female children going into early marriages. With the incept of education in most of these countries, the violence against women have reduced.

Other important benefits includes:

  • It create great sense of awareness
  • It help improve standard of living of individuals
  • It help promote peace among people
  • It discourage early child marriage
  • Education help create skills after learning
  • It also help build self-confidence
  • Improve economy growth
  • It also help unite countries


Education as they say is the key to every success. In other to be great in life you need to be educated, this is one of the major consideration for success and should not be taken for granted.
Education have great impacts in the life of individuals so be a part of it and dont be an illiterate.

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