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When if come to entertainment in the big state of plateau, they are rank among top five state in Nigeria with good entertainment lifestyle and talents.

Plateau state as known to be located in a north central of Nigeria is one state that should not be taken for granted when it comes to entertainment and other social activities.

With lots of great talented individual, the state has produced great and reputable celebrities in the society representing there home town with good deed and excellent performance out there.

The entertainment industry in Plateau state has been great and doing good but on the other hand has suffer a lot of hindrance and backwardness from achieving the great stands other state have been getting and reaching it peak.

Do you know why?? Because the people who are supposed to be building up this entertainment home in Plateau are either somewhere or not responding to the call of the entertainment home.

But, this can still be build up and reach the peak it always want to with just only and right things put in places, such as the union among entertainers, encouragement from one another and other social decisions taken to improve or build up the jos entertainment industry.

How to build up yourself as an entertainer

As an entertainer in the city of jos plateau state, in other to build up yourself and make your talent known to the world. Here are few points and advice to follow.

1. Identify your given talent

Generally, making it in the entertainment industry has to do with what you have to offer in aspect of show casing your talent such as music, comedy, acting and many more talents.

So you have to identify your talent first and then make good and perfect use of it.

2. Sell out your talent

Selling out your talent does mean you should go and ask people to bring money then you make exchange, but rather display your talent and it fetch all that you need.

Most people find it difficult to sell out there talent and this is one of the problem facing the jos entertainment industry.

3. Get connected with successful entertainers

One of the fastest way for entertainers to grow big is knowing and building relationship with other successful entertainers who will in turn come to there aide.

In Nigeria there something we called “connection” this simple word simplify a strong attached with people that help them get to a high level due to the relationship or connection they have with others.

4. Striving hard and never giving up on first attempt.

One of the thing that has been keeping me up and moving is the ability to keep on trying no matter the negative or unwanted outcome.

This is applicable to all aspect of life especially entertainers, most people failed in life because they give up so easily after first attempt.

Recently someone share his on opinion on social media, why the jos entertainment industry is not moving to it promise land, he have reasons and blame some producers for artist lack of seriousness.

Here is a screenshot of his post

Jos entertainment

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