BREAKING NEWS: Jos Based Blogger, left unconscious on the street after 'shocking' attack by robbers. | Smallnaija
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BREAKING NEWS: Jos Based Blogger, left unconscious on the street after ‘shocking’ attack by robbers.



Pro Jos Based Blogger, left unconscious on the street after ‘shocking’ attack by robbers valuable items stolen from him.

It on a sad not that a Jos based Blogger popularly known as N.I Shija, CEO *Jtownbiz* was left unconscious in the street after being attacked and robbed of his wallet, phones and other. Accessories.

Source said the incident is believed to have happened around the ungraded road of Bassa, besides the Army Barracks fence, at around 7:30 on Friday.

The victim was knocked to the ground and assaulted before having his wallet and phone stolen by this unknown robbers.

No arrest have been made yet, but giving that the Bassa divisional police department are seriously working on finding the robbers.

“Thankfully the gentleman has now recovered but we are eager to trace more witnesses or anyone with information so we can bring the perpetrators to justice.” – Police.

This indeed should be an eye opening the people around the community, calling on the government to ensure and effect proper security to ensure the safety of life and properties of individual leaving around the vicinity.

We hope that this evil people be caught and brought to justice by the law enforcement agencies.


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Businessman gifted a lady half a million Naira after one of his convoy splashed water on her



A Nigerian businessman man known as marksman chinedu ijomah gifted a young lady half a million Naira after one of his car mistakenly splashed her water.

According the Mr marksman he was on his way to his normal business line when one of his car mistakenly splashed dirty water on a young later passing by, but she didn’t make a lot of reactions or insult as many will do.

He added that he was moved by her calmness and manner unlike many will react with lots of  agrieve attitude, so he asked his driver to park and ask all his team should apologize and which they all did.

Later went further in conversation with the lady and discovered she’s into fashion designing and that was when he had no choice than to offer her a sum of five hundred thousand naira in cheque.

Indeed Good and calm people still exists among many others.

Businessman gift lady half a million after splashing her water

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No be grace na juju we they use – Yahoo boy revealed (video)



It no more a current news in Nigeria that the Yahoo (fraud) is becoming to hectic and hard for some young individuals who have no more choice than to do what is called Yahoo plus

The Yahoo plus is same as ritual done by this young people to get money from there Yahoo business

In a recent video a young was captured claiming he uses charm to make his money and not by grace as most people will say

Watch below

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BREAKING NEWS: Fulani herder caught with 200 rounds of ammunition heading to Jos from nassarawa




Joint Task Force of Police And FRSC in Akwanga Nasarawa State apprehends suspect with 200 Rounds Of Ammunition on Motorbike.

Akwanga police joint task force with FRSC Akwanga Unit this Saturday intercepted one Fulani herder with the name Likita on motorcycle with over 200 rounds of ammunitions heading to Jos, as confessed by him.

The young man who was loaded with ammunition had a little accident which attracted the security agencies in the process of helping him.

Other members of his gang numbering six are already on their way to Jos via Motorcycles says Likita.

As at the time of filing this report, Likita is currently being detained in Nasarawa state.

This news was verified by one of Jos talented and popular comedian who confirm that news was true as calls were made across state.

Fulani herder caught with ammunition

The suspect is under investigation now as we await response from the state police on who might be behind all this.


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