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Bbnaija update

BBNAIJA UPDATE: Beatrice pulled a successful prank on all housemates (See video)



It was indeed a great day for one of the Bbnaija housemate Beatrice as she pulled a successful prank on the housemates.

In the video below Beatrice was spot on camera as she cried out complaining that her leg was on a stiff and can’t move.

It was becoming so alarming that all the housemates were so scared that they wanting calling for attention.

Watch video below and enjoy the full gist and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel thanks.

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Bbnaija update

When is Bbnaija season 7 2022 audtion starting (See date, procedures and requirements)



When is Bbnaija season 7 2022 audition startingAlot of people keeps on asking this question “when is Bbnaija 2022 audition startingwhen is Bbnaija season 7 starting?? When guys the answer is yet to be confirm as the decision is taken from the management or team of the show.

But wait before you click back button and leave this page, take a deep breath and read through this post if you througly want to gain access and become one of the Bbnaija housemate for the next season, 2022.

Big brother naija (Bbnaija) has brought alot of Fame and wealth to so much people who grew from nothing to something, and are leaving happily and wealthy now, the likes of Efe, miracle, mercy, laycon, Whitemoney and so many of them. You can be one of them and be very famous too if you get access to the big brother naija house not minding if you win or lose, you life will be change and I see that is one of the major reason most people try there possible best to go into the house.

When is Bbnaija season 7 2022 audition starting

So have you tried so many times and you still not lucky on the show, have you checked what is it that others who have become housemate did and you didn’t do that made you loose your chance of becoming an housemate.

In this little article I will like to walk you through on how to help youself and become the next housemate in 2022.

But first are you still interested in the question “When is Bbnaija season 7 starting or when is Bbnaija 2022 audition starting.

Well it good to ask questions about when the Bbnaija season 7 is starting and when is the Bbnaija 2022 audition starting reason because it keeps you at alert and prepared ahead of time to know how to manage your way into the big brother naija house next season.

Let me run you through this simple steps to get in mind if you want to apply and be part of the big brother naija housemate 2022

So guys according to estimate and recently times the show begins, analyst say the show or rather the audition is presume to start around March – April 2022 and then the main show start immediately after the renuion of all the housemate. But certainly no date has been fix on that.


Guys it simple to analyze and presume when the Bbnaija 2022 audition is starting but knowing the exact date and what is going on is what most people don’t seem to understand, so many stories of how people missed the audition because it was not made public and they had no idea of when and how the audition start.

So you have to be very active on social media and Follow up all pages that relate to the Bbnaija show in other for you to get insight and have full information on when the main process will begin. So you are likely not to be inform when the audition will start, but don’t panic we have you all Covered.


The Bbnaija season 7 audition is going to be a very classic and different one this time, often years the organizers of the show tend to change ways and procedures which they use to carry out audtions for applicants.

So be prepared at all time, make sure you have all required documents as required by the organizers of the show ensure you have ease and no tension and fear.

  1. Be informed that you have to be a Nigerian when applying for the show
  2. Be informed that you must be 21 year of age before applying
  3. Be informed that you must have a valid identification card
  4. Be informed that you must have something to offer the organizers in other to convince that you can do better when given opportunity to enter the house.

Good luck to you all I hope this article will help you understand and have insight on how do go about applying and know when Bbnaija 2022 audition starting.

When is Bbnaija season 7 2022 audition starting




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Bbnaija update

Here is how much profit Bbnaija made from the shine ya eye edition 2021



Bbnaija profit for shine ya eye edition

Bbnaija profit for shine ya eye editionAlot of questions from fans, schoolar and those who are into business often ask and need answers to are “How much profit does BIg brother naija (Bbnaija) make from this show 2021.

So guys basically Bbnaija is actually a profit making organization and we all expect them to publish there financial statement yearly to the public and government for easily accessment and uses for study or shares purchase.

But it seems it kind of different but anyhow we have come out with some estimates of how much profit Bbnaija make from there show.

The profits often change every year because it has difference turn out of fans to participate in every year, according to the CEO multichoice Mr ugbe they had 1 billion vote all over, this simply means that the profit made this edition will be different unlike last year where they had only 170 million votes.

The management also revealed that the spent over 4.5billion naira on the Making the show a success, this actually mean the make more than this.

Bbnaija profit 2021

From our own point of view and estimate we may be leave to conclude that big brother naija made a profit of over 10 billion Naira including expenses.

The show had alot of sponsors and this sponsors put in alot of funds into the show considering the impact it will have on there various business and returns.

So in conclusion Bbnaija estimated profit is ranging from 10 billion Naira upward and even more according to sponsors and vote counting.



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Bbnaija update

I will like to sle**p with Nengi and Vee – Pere revealed



The big brother naija show keeps getting more interesting as it tend to come to an end, alot of Happening in the house and one we were able to capture is the moment pere revealed he will like to have thr*esome with ex Bbnaija housemate vee and nengi.

Pere was spot Gisting with cross in the house and he was ask this simple question and he revealed that Nengi and Vee are his long time crush.

Well we hope this don’t get him to trouble as we know vee is engaged to one of the ex housemate neo

Watch Video below.

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