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Aydin Coban Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Nationality, Family, Parents

Aydin Coban Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Nationality, Family, Parents

Aydin Coban Biography

Aydin Coban Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Nationality, Family, Parents

Aydin Coban Biography

Aydin Coban biography who is a criminal with Dutch and Turkish ancestry, is currently doing time in prison for using pornographic photos of more than sixty people, including Amanda Todd, as a means of blackmailing his victims via the internet.

Amanda Todd (Viral Video & Suicide)

On September 7, 2012, a 15-year-old girl named Todd produced a 9-minute YouTube video called My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, and self-harm. In it, she used flash cards to describe being tormented and extorted online. The video became viral after her death on October 10, 2012, with news websites worldwide linking to it.
Todd says in the film that when she was in grade 7 (2009/2010), she used video chat to meet new people online. Many people complimented her appearance. After a year of trying, someone finally convinced Todd to reveal her breasts on camera. Later, he threatened to show her topless photo to her friends unless she gave him a “show.”
During her Christmas 2010 vacation, cops told Todd at 4 a.m. that her topless photo was on the Internet.
She developed anxiety, sadness, and panic disorder after being sexually exploited and cyberbullied.
The person returned a year after Amanda Todd relocated to a new school.
His Facebook profile featured her topless photo. Todd was teased by his new peers and changed schools a second time.
Other occurrences occurred, several online.
Many people are cyberbullied.
The Facebook group made fun of her suicide attempt by drinking bleach.
She was also punched by a female whose boyfriend slept with her on vacation.
On October 10, 2012, just over a month after posting her YouTube video, Amanda Todd was found dead in her home (PDT)


In January 2014, Dutch media organization Omroep Brabant published an article identifying Amanda Todd as one of the victims of a cyber-exploitation arrest made in the Netherlands. The journalist who broke the story in the Netherlands, Mathijs Pennings, told news sources that the man arrested is a Dutch national, who is accused of blackmailing numerous minors after recording their webcam activities. He is also alleged to have extorted older male victims for money.
There was a total of 34 victims related to the case, one of them being Amanda Todd and 5 of them being older men who identified as gay. His alleged victims include individuals from Europe, the U.K., Norway and Canada.
It was eventually confirmed by international news sources that, on January 13, 2014, Aydin Coban was arrested and charged with the sextortion and online harassment of B.C. teenager Amanda Todd.
In Canada, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) accounted Aydin Coban of five charges in a separate case:
Coban was 35 when he got arrested.

Open Letter (Transcript)

Aydin Coban wrote an open letter on January 13, 2015, to answer the accusations made against him by Facebook, the police, and the media. This letter is meant for everyone. I’m writing this in English because it’s a case that people all over the world are interested in. The judge has been told about it and has also got it.
First of all, I’m not guilty.
I’m not what people call Miss Amanda Todd’s or anyone else’s tormentor.
I’ve been locked up for a year for things I didn’t do.
I haven’t been directly blamed for what happened to Miss Amanda Todd yet.
But the media all over the world and the people who read them have been calling me a monster for doing it.
They act like the judge, the jury, and the executioners while destroying someone’s reputation with a hate campaign on a scale that has never been seen before.
It is no longer possible to have a fair trial.
So far, I’ve used my right to stay quiet because it was clear from the start that I was being persecuted and that the police had tunnel vision.
They tried to make my few words mean something different by taking them out of context.
But now, around the world, so many obvious lies are being sold as facts and repeated over and over again that I decided to write this open letter.
Based on what ICT experts told me, the so-called Facebook Security report, and the case file, I wrote the following.
The Facebook Security Report Prosecutors’ case is based on a report from Facebook that we have seen (my attorney C.T.W. van Oyle and I ). More will be said later about this shady report. Here are some of the things it says and what the investigations have found to be true.
  • Facebook claims late October 2011 (almost a year earlier than the media suggests) Miss Amanda Todd received threatening messages which Facebook and prosecution link to a certain I.P. address. It seemingly belongs to the router of what is said to be my alleged neighbor supposedly living at a fair distance. It seems the alleged neighbor’s router is easily accessible to anyone in its vicinity and the router’s lay of MAC addresses showed many people did access it recently. So it can’t be guaranteed who did what through that I.P. address at any given time because so many people connected with it.
  • The police has claimed late October 2011, exactly when those alleged messages were sent to Miss Amanda Todd on Facebook I was living in another city far away from that router. Home owners have stated from early 2011 until late 2012 (almost 2 years uninterrupted) I was renting and living in their houses located in other cities. Therefore in that crucial period I couldn’t have had access to that specific router which Facebook and prosecution link to those and other Facebook messages. It would mean I was too far away to be able to connect with that router.
  • These and other assumptions concerning that I.P. address and router during 2011 and 2012 when according to the police and home owners I was living in other cities show how prosecution and Facebook mistakingly assumed I’d lived at that one address non-stop for 3 or 4 years, which wasn’t the case according to the investigations. They found out about their wrong assumption at least weeks after my arrest.
  • Facebook seems to be very selective in what they are willing to show. It would be very easy to put together a proper timeline of events if Facebook released all information they claim to have yet refuse to show. For instance, this case seems to revolve around a vigilante threatening a group of pedophile men (judging by the Facebook aspect) with unmasking them and reporting them to the authorities. I’m suspected of being that vigilante (which is false). Yet Facebook refuses to name them or show how they are linked. And this goes for all things mentioned in their report.
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A report is fully founded or not. It’s complete or not. This Facebook Security report used by prosecution as their foundation is poorly founded and incomplete. It’s a report based on hearsay and cherrypicking. A reliable report would not exclude data relevant to the case. We will (again) look for a completely report by Facebook.
The Dutch National police infecting computers
  • The police astonishingly admitted (among other things) they infect computers of Dutch citizens with secretive tools, including computers they claim to be mine. ICT experts question the legality of these tools and work against the dangers. In short, anyone can be framed that way.
  • The police claim the tools used are lawful yet refuse to name them. From the few cryptic descriptions they gave and evasive and different answers given by prosecution when asked about those tools it can be said they described the tools deceptively. Those tools need to be examined by an independent expert to determine what those tools are and what can be done with them.
  • After using requests they only released a genetic report about 1 tool, Technische Hulpmiddel or technical assisting tool. Nothing is mentioned about its functions or capabilities.
  • The codename they give that tool is THv030+102 softwareversie 1.68 without any other details. If it’s allowed by law why be so secretive about it? Why keep changing the description? Why not mention what exactly is possible with it? At least 4 different tools were named, where are their reports? We will (again) ask for an independent expert to be appointed by the investigating judge to examine the tools.
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There is more but I’ll mention those in court. All I wanted to say for now is in this open letter. I ask of you to refrain from flooding my attorney with questions unless you have vital information to share.
In the meantime, I’ll keep on spending my days productively. Although obviously I’d prefer living my normal life outside, in detention I’ve had interesting experiences, met diverse people with colorful life stories, read many books, gave guitar lessons and so forth. I’ve been documenting everything in detail since my arrest on the 13th of January 2014. Should be a good read. Thanks, Ayden.

Trial (Dutch Court)

During his trial the Netherlands, the Court in Hague heard Coban used dozens of aliases during his chats with underaged kids. These names included “Tyler Boo” and “Kelsy Rain.” He also had a computer program that fooled young girls into thinking they were chatting live to a girl of a similar age.
The court also heard investigators found some 204,000 images on CD’s that belonged to Coban.


On March 16, 2017, the Dutch Court sentenced Aydin Coban to 10 years and 243 days in prison for online fraud and blackmail in relation to the abuse of 34 young women and men. This was the maximum sentence that prosecutors were seeking

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