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ASUU officially announced the suspension of 10 months old strike



The Academic senior staffs of university popularly known as ASUU has officially announced the suspension of ten months old strike.

The official announcement came in on the 23th of December as they publish the announcement on there social media handles.

The Academic staff decided to suspend the strike following the agreement meet by the various party which is the federal government of Nigeria and the ASUU officials.

[irp posts=”2617″ name=”BREAKING NEWS: ASUU finally agrees to call off strike after eight months”]

Previous weeks and months the both parties have been on several meetings trying to find an lasting solution to the strike but to no avail, not until this morning the great news came in as they suspend the industrial action.

They Chairman of the association of recent posting that they are likely to suspend the strike since they have start getting payment of withheld salaries from the government.

It was also record that the union has stand on there ground not to resume classes or call off the strike of they are not paid there withheld salaries which was done today.

The 10 months strike which has officially ended today has been a one of a hell for many Nigeria student as they have been kept a way from classes and study for so long.

This is will be one of the best news most Nigeria students will received this month as they have been praying that the industrial action set by the association be call off and finally it has been called off.

Before the final pronouncement the following conditions were given by the Association

And they are as follow

  • To accept the agreement reached
  • To consciously monitor the implementations of agreement
  • To ensure no Non-IPPIS complaint suffers because of the strike
  • To ensure mainstreaming of EAA
  • Conditionally suspend the strike and can go back anytime there is bridge in agreement


Congrats to all Nigeria student as they prepare to resume, and continue with there studies as usual.


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Tension as youth insist on End sars Anniversary



End sars Anniversary

End sars AnniversaryNigerian youth arose tension as they all plan on celebriting end sars Anniversary on this day.

On this day 20th of October 2020 the world recorded the highest and deadliest protest to ever happen in the history of protest in Nigeria, youth match on to protest against bad governance in the country but were brutalized according to report.

The protest which hold on this day 2020 lead to the death of so many young youth after which the were deny so many right and privilege in there own country.

Youth and other celebrities have taken to there social media to celebrate and mourn the soul of those who pass on that day.


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Businessman gifted a lady half a million Naira after one of his convoy splashed water on her



A Nigerian businessman man known as marksman chinedu ijomah gifted a young lady half a million Naira after one of his car mistakenly splashed her water.

According the Mr marksman he was on his way to his normal business line when one of his car mistakenly splashed dirty water on a young later passing by, but she didn’t make a lot of reactions or insult as many will do.

He added that he was moved by her calmness and manner unlike many will react with lots of  agrieve attitude, so he asked his driver to park and ask all his team should apologize and which they all did.

Later went further in conversation with the lady and discovered she’s into fashion designing and that was when he had no choice than to offer her a sum of five hundred thousand naira in cheque.

Indeed Good and calm people still exists among many others.

Businessman gift lady half a million after splashing her water

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No be grace na juju we they use – Yahoo boy revealed (video)



It no more a current news in Nigeria that the Yahoo (fraud) is becoming to hectic and hard for some young individuals who have no more choice than to do what is called Yahoo plus

The Yahoo plus is same as ritual done by this young people to get money from there Yahoo business

In a recent video a young was captured claiming he uses charm to make his money and not by grace as most people will say

Watch below

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