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Angry students of the university of jos village hotel protest over unavailabilty of light for almost a month (see details and photos)

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Village hostel student of the university of jos on protest for light blank out

Students of the university of jos students  village hostel went on a peaceful protest after staying for three weeks without light.

It was reported that for the past three weeks the student of the hostel have been on total blank out due to the unavailability of light at student village hostel.

The students took the various entries of the university shorting down all entrance of the university seeking for response from the various authorities of the university.

Smallnaija blog spoke to some of the angry students as they express there disappointment and distrust on there leaders saying they care not about them.

After hours of chanting songs and cries from student the school deputy Dean of students affairs came up to address the students, he appeal with the students to calm down as the issue has been on the desk of the vice Chancellor of the university.

Deputy Dean

He also spoke on the absence of the Vice Chancellor given excuses for his absent, but the chip in with shouts and cries.

The deputy Dean also spoke on fueling the hostel power supply and tanks supplying student with waters for the main time until the issue it resolved.

After much struggle and beg from the deputy Dean with students he finally got attention from the students and came to an agreement.

1. They engine in charge of supplying power to the students will be restored immediately

2.  Water tanks will be available in the hostel to supply water to students immediately.

2. Tuesday 16th of February 2021 is the deadline for the repair of light in the hostel or else the students go back to the protest.


Indeed this is a great steps taken by the students as they have fought for there right and we hope the school authorities takes this into consideration immediately.

Below are pictures from the protest

Deputy Dean



  1. Honestly it is not easy to be in hostel without water and light, imagine the stress of lectures and fetching water and plugging phones at off campus it not funny at all, please we need water and light

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