AFDB calls for $5 billion support towards AFAWA and tackling unemployment in Africa

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The Africa development bank has called for the support of the general African public development banks towards the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) and tackling of unemployment in the African continent.

The president of this association Dr Akinwumi made this known to the general public at the virtual finance in common spring meeting, this Tuesday.

The meeting which hard the presence and collaborations of Finance Institutions (AADFI) and the International Development Finance Club (IDFC) was made to understand the purpose for the called.

The president Dr Akinwumi express the need of the 5 billion US dollars to finance and support unemployed women and youth in Africa.

Dr Akinwumi also stressed out that as of today they are working with 24 financial institution from 15 different countries to rapidly expand by the end of 2022.

Along the meeting the president also called on banks to tackle the issue of unemployment in the region and create avenue for youth empowerment and to let creativity out.

As this will be a better chance for AFDB to lunch it youth enterpreneurship investment Banks, and this will bring development in the African banks.

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